Dundee, Scotland
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I have been filling out surveys under Harrispool online for various organizations for a couple of years now. One of the outfits, Samplicio, is often one of these organizations.

Quite frequently they would lead you through various questions before disqualifying from the survey. I can understand when, for some reasons, a person's profile does not match the survey company's requirements, but I have a problem when this happens after many intimate questions are answered. For instance, in the latest survey I answered over a dozen questions about the frequency of my drinking of alcoholic beverages and the exact types.

Sufficient information for a marketing outfit to know what a person of my age and gender living in NC consumes. The next time Samplicio pops up, I'll surely ignore it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Samplicio Us Customer Care.

Reason of review: Low credibility .

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