Wilbraham, Massachusetts

Samplicio surveys are a scam...For some surveys they will actually pay you....for MOST of the surveys you waste 30 minutes of your time and they tell you that you did not qualify, yet you finished the survey. Seems to me that they are stealing your answers, not paying the member, then selling the information to the companies...AVOID THESE PEOPLE. There are much better, and more honest survey companies out there, that will actually pay you for your time, this company is a disgrace to all the honest companies out there providing surveys to people wanting to make extra money.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I agree, the majority of times I am disqualified for a survey with this particular company is normally at or after completing 80% of the survey. Most reputable survey sites will have a pre-qualifying questionnaire in order to find a best-suited survey and quickly disqualify you if you do not match, even offering partial compensation if you completed more than a certain portion of the survey when you were disqualified.


This is the begainning.


e,i just want to earn some money.


Not a scam...I've gotten paid for every survey..gotten gift cards, been doing this for over 5 years. Love the aurveys


On WGT Golf, just had same experience wasting 20 Minutes. NEVER AGAIN!!


Yes, this "samplicio-us" is a bad company.


This is continuously happening to me as well. They will let me go through the ENTIRE survey, they disqualify me at 100% complete. Also have had them divert me to another survey company's page upon completion without paying.


samplicio survey is really a scam. they never pay me and everyone should not show interest on this survey.