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Took me 54m 25s to honestly and attentively complete a survey ( - 2572523) and of course they would tell me only at the last question that enough people answered it already. This is ridiculous.

Here, extremely frustrated in wasting away this much time.

There should be anything at this point to avoid that as much as possible, maybe when a number of people take the survey those could be allowed to answer, not disqualify them in the VERY END of it. If the number of surveys they needed weren't enough, then launch it again, to other users.

I don't know what they think but people's time is precious, the many things I could have done in 54m.

I know that happens to many, but ahrrrggg.... Not to mention $1.17 is more than underpaid for a survey this long.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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When you complete "surveys" on these sites you are providing them with alot of information about you personally which is compiled and then sold to other companies to do with what they want, eg., try to sell you something in the form of targeted ads online, etc. In the instance you complained about, you spent much time completing a survey which at the very end they said they already had enough respondents and thus you got no money.

This is a common scam with these survey companies. They get all your info and personal preferences on a variety of subjects and also do not have to pay you the measly dollar or two promised.

Bottom line: you may make a few dollars taking these surveys, but you give up alot of time and effort in addition to divulging alot of personal information----not wise. Best to stay away from these sites.